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A few points of interest on various subjects including the our type face, Jalfrezi's frames and browser compatibility, advertising your product and finally why this site uses Cookies.

Jalfrezi's Frames and Browser Compatibility

Jalfrezi was constructed with frame equipped browsers in mind. We believe our simple use of frames aids navigation between and within sections of the guide. This is confirmed by much of the positive feedback we have received. However, we also acknowledge that there are many users who either cannot use frames or remain set against them. To this end Jalfrezi should also function adequately without frames. If you do not see a control pad on the left then you are not looking at the full framed version. Clicking one of the buttons on the right will enable you to enter the framed version (if your browser supports it) or reduce the frames as required.

While we are most grateful for any links back to Jalfrezi, we occasionally get stuck in other people's frames. Click here to extract Jalfrezi from someone else's frames. To find out how to avoid displaying other people's sites within your frames, see the section on Frames.

Jalfrezi also makes extensive use of style sheets. This enables us to have masses of control over Jalfrezi's look and layout without affecting the content or browsers not supporting style sheets.

Click to lose frames
Click to open framed version

Advertise your Product

Sizzling HTML Jalfrezi is always on the lookout for new site sponsors. If you have a product that you think we could usefully advertise, at extremely competitive rates, then please contact us at We have approximately 1500 visitors a day external link, resulting in over 150,000 page views per month.

Jalfrezi's Typeface

Throughout Jalfrezi we have specified the Monotype Gill Sans font or its Bitstream alternative, Humanist-521. We find Gill Sans is a friendly, upbeat font that works very well on-screen - it happens to be based on the typeface used throughout the London Underground so hopefully it might add a little English feel to Jalfrezi. Gill Sans comes packaged with many software bundles, otherwise it can be purchased on-line from Monotype external link (its not cheap though!). If you want to find out more about on-screen fonts, check out Microsoft's Typography on the Webexternal link and in particular Typofileexternal link, an enthusiastic e-zine from Will-Harris House discussing all things type.

[example of Gill Sans]

Cookies are your Friend!

Some people complain about the cookies used by Jalfrezi. It's either grumbling that they keep getting little windows popping up every time a cookie gets set or they are scared to death we're using them to find out they visited a porn site today. About the first thing: Hey! Why on earth do you have your browser set so that it beeps you every time you get a cookie? Turn that off! Unless you're debugging a website or extremely paranoid there's no reason for it. As for the second issues: Servers can only access cookies that they've made. They can only be changed or read by the site that made them, and when you are at that site. That's the way cookies work. We have no idea where else you've been today. And frankly don't really care..

The cookies on this site are used solely by the banner ad and statistics companies to check if you're a repeat visitor and hence prevent me from artificially inflating hit counts. For the a complete rundown on cookies (including how to make use of them yourself!) read Andy's HTTP Cookie Notesexternal link and the other sites we've provided in Useful Links and References.

Some cookies

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