Sizzling HTML Jalfrezi's Tip of the Day 
  - How we made this pop-up box -  

The pop-up box is launched using JavaScript. You can define the window size in pixels and specify whether to show scrollbars, toolbar, etc. See webreference.comexternal link for more info on window properties.

&!--//hide script from old browsers
function launch()
'resizable=yes,scrollbars=no,toolbar=no,location=no,directories=no,status=no,menubar=no,width=500,height=300') }
document.write('<A HREF="javascript:launch()">Todays Tip</A>:')
//end hiding contents -->

Also remember to follow the above code with HTML for browsers that do not support JavaScript.

<NOSCRIPT><A TARGET="tipofday" HREF="tipofday.htm">Today's tip</A>:</NOSCRIPT>

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