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  - Stretching images -  

Most browsers, including Navigator 3 and Internet Explorer 3 upwards, allow you to stretch your images using the WIDTH and HEIGHT images. This can create some unusual effects on your pages.

example of code

<P>Original graphic:<BR>
<IMG SRC="../graphics/fsol.jpg" WIDTH=90 HEIGHT=90><BR>
Twice the width:<BR>
<IMG SRC="../graphics/fsol.jpg" WIDTH=180 HEIGHT=90><BR>
Entire width of window<BR>
<IMG SRC="../graphics/fsol.jpg" WIDTH="100%" HEIGHT=90><BR>

how it renders

Original graphic:

Twice the width:

Entire width of window:

As you can see from thew above example, the WIDTH and HEIGHT tags can be set absolutely or as a percentage of the window width (note the inverted commas).

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