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  - Using HTML control characters as bullets -  

Use a control character in HTML rather than a GIF for a bullet. Even though a bullet GIF might be quite small, browsers render control characters more quickly than they can download a graphic, and it would reduce the number of connections the user's computer has to make to the server.

Control characters (such as •) may render somewhat differently on different browsers, particularly between Macs and PCs, but they'll almost always show up as some sort of bullet. The advantage control characters have over the more conventional <LI> element is that they can be individually colored, as our example shows.

example of code

<FONT COLOR="orange">&#149;</FONT>
I am Arthur, King of the Britons<BR>
<FONT COLOR="purple">&#149;</FONT>
King of the who?<BR>

how it renders

I am Arthur, King of the Britons
King of the who?

For more information and a list of characters, see Jalfrezi's Tips n' Tricks section on special characters.

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