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Showing your appreciation via Beerware

May we present Beerware...
...a brand new Internet concept developed here at Sizzling HTML Jalfrezi.

t h e   c o n c e p t

A simple scenario should explain:
Question: A friend does you a favour. What do you do?
Answer: You buy them a few beers down the local boozer (pub/bar/café).

This is how Beerware works. If you find this guide useful and especially if you use it at work, then you can show your appreciation by buying a beer or two.

t h e   b a r

In return for the beer, you will receive:

  • your own offline copy of Sizzling HTML Jalfrezi for installation on your hard drive*,
  • regular updates of any new code or modifications to Jalfrezi,
  • priority HTML support via e-mail.

Not bad for the price of a few beers, I reckon!
* Sent to you zipped up as an e-mail attachment. I'm afraid hard copies are prohibitively costly as Jalfrezi comes to roughly 65 pages when printed out in full.

t h e   t a b

To get in your round, simply fill out the form below and send enough of your hard earned dosh to get in a pint or two. I'm not trying to make any money here (just enough to cover on-line and upload costs), so send what you think is fair. I suggest something in the order of 5 or $10, but any currency will do. Incidentally even if you're a teetotaller, I'm not, so that's no excuse :-)

You can get your beers in by a number of methods. The preferred method is to pop cash or a cheque in an envelope and mail to the address below. You'll also need to fill out the accompanying form so I know where to e-mail your copy of Jalfrezi.

[No credit yet? Visa Future Card.  No deposit] You can also buy a round by credit card thanks to RegSoft's secure server. They accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express. Click here if you wish to use your credit card to buy a beer. You can also phone your details through on (770) 497-9126 (1-888-REG-IT-80 in the USA) or by fax on (770) 497-9234.

Please send cash or a cheque to:
(remember to fill out the following form so I know where to e-mail your copy of Jalfrezi)

        Richard Rutter
        58 Eaton Court
        GU1 1XH

My name is:

My e-mail address is:

Where did you find this guide: 

My usual operating system is:

I reckon my round will cost:

of my hard earned dosh.
out of petty cash.

s m a l l   p r i n t

A few legal bits to cover my backside in this litigious age.

  1. The Sizzling HTML Jalfrezi zip file (Jalfrezi) has been tested for viruses but I can make no guarantee that it will virus-free. I accept no responsibility for any damage, data loss, etc. caused or perceived to have been caused by Jalfrezi.
  2. Jalfrezi is provided as is. All the information contained in Jalfrezi is provided in good faith and is correct to the best of my knowledge. I cannot guarantee the accuracy of this information. I accept no responsibility for loss of income through misinformation or interpretation of Jalfrezi.
  3. Jalfrezi is Copyright ©1996-9 Richard Rutter except where stated otherwise. You may not reproduce or distribute Jalfrezi in any form; electronic or hard copy. The only exceptions to this are when you have my written permission, for your own personal use or for the purposes of an educational establishment. If you wish to maintain an Internet mirror of Jalfrezi please contact me at sizzling.jalfrezi@virgin.net.
  4. Support: I cannot guarantee to be able answer your questions (especially if they are not HTML related, e.g. JavaScript, ActiveX or browser software) however I will endeavour to do so as fully and promptly as I can. Support may be withdrawn or postponed without notice at any time, although I will attempt to give forewarning by e-mail.

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